You will Love our 30 minute Austin Kickboxing classes!

‍‍‍Watch yourself get Lean, Toned & Strong...

Here's why..‍‍‍

IMPACT STRONG gives you 3 amazing workouts to choose from every day:

IMPACT Kickboxing classes - In just 30 minutes you’ll shred body-fat, get Leaner andmore Toned, & build new Confidence.

Plus,you’ll keep burning body fat for up to 36 hours - Post workout!

And no more standing in front of the same bag for 45 min. to an hour like other gyms - that honeymoon wears off quick!

Here’s how you'll workout with us:

Body Snatchers, Ground & Pound, Muay Thai, Boxing and Tear Drop bags, Killer Training Drills...these Austin Kickboxing classes get exciting!!

H.I.I.T. Workout - (30 minutes) Short - Variety - & with the Intensity that’s just right for you. That’s what makes this fitness workout so effective for your body.

And our Trainers do it right for you with - Kettlebells, Battle Ropes, Body-weight exercises, PRIMAL7 - Sandbags...

You will finish each class soaked in sweat, and with a smile on your face!“

"ALL-OUT” - Many start classes  at IMPACT STRONG in South Austin for Kickboxing, others join for HIIT Workout classes – and they quickly fall in love with each others workouts!

At IMPACT STRONG in Austin, Texas you can choose to combine both the IMPACT Austin Kickboxing and HIIT Workout classes back-to-back, for an “ALL-OUT” 60 minute Challenge!

ATTN: This is not recommended for beginners. (We’ll get you ready for this one!)

Private Training - We are a Fully equipped Kickboxing / Boxing Gym with Austin TX Top Trainers, led by Steve Doss - Rated one of the Top 10 Kickboxers in the World.

Our “Killer Team” of Trainers are all trained by Steve, and includes Austin Fit magazine "Voted Best Trainer - Joshua Balok!"

Come try us out yourself. Call 512-652-8437 and take a free first class.

The Austin Kickboxing gym you've been looking for:

IMPACT STRONG Downtown Austin

‍‍‍315 Pr‍‍‍essler St.

Austinm TX 78703


‍‍‍‍‍‍Now in Downtown Austin!‍‍‍
315 Pressler St. Austin, TX 78703
Call 512-652-8437

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