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Want to get in shape -and- are crunched for time? This is the gym near me I chose, because Impact Strong combines the benefits of personal training with intense cardio exercise. Classes last 30 minutes... The instructors are fantastic at motivating everyone to fully engage and push it to the limit.


My favorite workouts ever - I leave this gym both exhilarated and completely spent! I have been to most of the fitness franchises, and many are good. I really do feel you are a jump ahead though. I like the different 30 minute scheduled classes, all the variety of the classes using different training equipment, and you just feel like working out when you step inside IMPACT STRONG!

This is what I found here...motivation and excitement to exercise! Everyone there truly cares and makes you feel like you're a part of a team. I just renewed for another year. The Trainers are the best, and I recommend you try a class - you’ll love IMPACT STRONG too!

Melanie Sommers

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Grab your Invitation to IMPACT STRONG and start getting Lean, Toned, Strong, & Confident with our unique and quick 30 minute Group Fitness and Kickboxing classes- now in downtown Austin, TX!

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  • SHRED YOUR BODY FAT - and continue to - for up to 36 hours post-workout!
  • 3 AMAZING Workout Options
  • QUICK Results
  • CONVENIENT class times

"It's you against the bags...In only 30 minutes.

High Energy, Calorie burning, Non combat Kickboxing workouts. "

Everyone’s favorite - from newest BEGINNERS, to those looking for BIG CHALLENGES.

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  • IMPACT STRONG – Kickboxing & Fitness

“It never gets easier,

You just get STRONGER.”

Many people join our Austin Boxing and Kickboxing classes, others come for Group Fitness training – they quickly fall in love with each others workouts.

Only at IMPACT STRONG - You can combine both the IMPACT Kickboxing and HIIT Workout classes back-to-back, for an “ALL-OUT” 60 minute Challenge!








(Build up to this class

- not for beginners!)

Want a Great Body? Hate Boring?

30 Minute Fitness:

These 30 minute classes ...

(and make your clothes fit better!)

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"STRONG is the New Sexy."

  • 30 minutes classes get you the best RESULTS
  • Reach your fitness goals in record time.
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Voted "Austin's Top Kickboxing & HIIT Fitness" Classes

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Do you want to Lose weight & Tone up for Summer?

IMPACT STRONG gives you:

  • Unique and VERY EFFECTIVE 30 minute Scheduled Classes!
  • VARIETY - IMPACT Kickboxing, HIIT Workout, or ALL-OUT!
  • MOTIVATING Trainers
  • Incredible ENERGY... a fun, super-friendly and ENERGIZING atmosphere!


Click Here to Get Your Free Class Pass

Click Here to Get Your Free Class Pass

"There's a lot of good places to workout near me in downtown Austin. Someone turned me onto Impact Strong and their 30 minute workouts, and - WOW!  Join me!! - Becky Perkins

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Now in Downtown Austin!
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Do you want to Lose weight and Tone up for Summer?

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